Neponset Rowing photo

Support rowing: donate to the 2017 Ergathon Fundraiser

Boats are wicked expensive!

We count on the generous support of the community to provide three-season rowing opportunities for youth and masters rowers. We need your help raising $10,000 or more – please support our work by donating to one of the 2017 Ergathon teams.

This year there are two boys teams and three girls teams competing to raise funds in the Ergathon. Check out the teams below and  visit their team page to donate. And thank you for your generous support!




Choose a team to support and click on the link to donate online!


Team 1 – Bow Ball

Visit Boys Team 1 page to donate

Captain: Jackson Callahan

  1. Jackson Callahan
  2. Jasper Malcolm
  3. Henry McKay
  4. Jack Cullen
  5. Elias Deaibes
  6. Aidan Braithwaite
  7. Sean Erlich
  8. Nikolai Zychowicz
  9. Courtney Dillon

Team 2 – Heel Tie

Visit Boys Team 2 page to donate

Captain: Whitman Davis

  1. Whitman Davis
  2. Robert Dexter
  3. Jeremiah Hainline
  4. Emmett Kibbee
  5. Rony Exantus
  6. Griffin McLaughlin
  7. Paul Goodman
  8. Isaac Savona
  9. Isabelle Neville


Team 1 – Spin It

Visit Girls Team 1 page to donate

Captain: Maia Adley

  1. Maia Adley
  2. Sara Cavanaugh
  3. Frances Collins
  4. Raquel Gallagher
  5. Alex Kelly
  6. Tricia Tape
  7. Aine Buchau
  8. Margaret Haley
  9. Elena Curran

Team 2 – The Girls in the Boat

Visit Girls Team 2 page to donate
Captain: Morgan Smith

  1. Lilli Cormack
  2. Izzy DeFilippo
  3. Miwa Joiner
  4. Olivia Shapiro
  5. Grace Jacobsak
  6. Mayu Joiner
  7. Grace Stenson

Team 3 – It was good

Visit Girls Team 3 page to donate 

Captain: Maya Wantanabe

  1. Maya Wantanabe
  2. Bridgette Dugas
  3. Lucy Hainline
  4. Kelly Hines
  5. Eleni Minias
  6. Claire Casey
  7. Darby McCullough
  8. Salamata Jalloh