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FOMC Code of Conduct

The cornerstone of this code of conduct is RESPECT.

Athletes are expected to treat the coaches, volunteers, administrators, parents, and each other with respect. The same respect is afforded to the athletes by the coaching staff and Board of Directors of the Friends of Milton Crew.

Participation in rowing is a privilege and responsibility, which carries the expectation that the athletes will behave in a responsible manner and follow established rules and regulations set by the Board of Directors and coaches. Athletes earn recognition for their achievements as representatives of the team and the community. When athletes accept this privilege, he or she must live up to the high standards of our code of conduct.

As a prerequisite for participation in the Friends of Milton Crew program, participants are expected to sign this statement that commits the participant to follow the established training rules and abide by the Friends of Milton Crew – Code of Conduct.

Team Rules and Regulations

  1. A participant shall always be respectful toward another rower, coach, volunteer, board member or any other person. Participants will not harass, ridicule, or humiliate any other individual. Prohibited actions include verbal or nonverbal disrespect, psychological, or physical abuse. In addition, participants must:
    1. Treat officials, coaches, opponents, teammates, and volunteers with respect.
    2. Control their emotions at all times and never argue with officials or volunteers.
    3. Represent the club with dignity and good sportsmanship at all regattas and regatta trips.
    4. Refrain from using obscene language and gestures. e. Follow the coach’s instructions both on and off the water at all times.
  2. Rowing equipment is very expensive and must be handled with care. Unnecessary talking and horseplay is not permitted when handling equipment. All athletes must participate in routine maintenance and storage of equipment. Report problems to the coaching staff immediately.
  3. Participants shall arrive at practice, meetings, and regattas at the properly scheduled time. Participants are expected to attend practices daily. Both effort and performance are important aspects of attendance and are expected by the coaching staff, as well as your fellow teammates.
  4. Participants are expected to show initiative and dedication to self-improvement and training when not on the water or in between seasons.
  5. All participants are required to show respect for the neighborhoods and community property surrounding Milton Landing, Dedham, and Canton. There is absolutely no littering, loitering or trespassing on private property. Athletes shall participate in regular cleanup of the park property, storage areas, and the parking lot.


Friends of Milton Crew participants are required to display good citizenship and sportsmanship in connection with their participation on the team.

Coaches have the authority to suspend a rower temporarily for failure to comply with rules and regulations, for displaying poor sportsmanship, or when the participant’s safety or safety of others requires such actions.

Disciplinary action for a violation of the Code of Conduct will be commensurate with the nature and extent of the violation, and may include direction to stop the offensive behavior, temporary suspension, or removal from the team for a season or permanently.

Consent of the Board of Directors is required prior to removal of a participant from the team.

If a rower has violated any provision of this code of conduct, the following procedure will be implemented:

  1. The coach will immediately address the concerns with the participant, as well as document the infraction. This action by the coach constitutes the first warning. Any infraction of the substance abuse policy will also result in immediate contact with the participant’s parent/guardian.
  2. The Head Coach and the Program Director shall be notified of the infraction. If a further violation is committed, a parent will be contacted. The participant will be asked to take three days off from practice, and talk with the coach prior to returning to the team. This constitutes the second warning.
  3. After a third violation of the Code of Conduct, the participant will be asked to leave the team for the season.
  4. Depending on the severity or repetition of the violation, this issue may be further discussed with the Board of Directors, and the athlete may be removed from the team for the season or permanently.
  5. A participant subject to disciplinary action may request a meeting with the coach, the Program Director, and representative(s) of the Board of Directors to discuss the action.