May 11, 2019

Milton High and Neponset Rowing Erg-a-thon

Goals: To raise $15,000 for our program and simultaneously raise awareness of rowing in the community.

Date: May 11, 2019
Time: 9a – 12p
Place: Milton HS – Field House

Rower Responsibility:
Each rower is responsible for attending the Erg-a-thon and for raising a minimum of $200 through the online donations site (I’m working with them to get this set up, hopefully it will be soon)

Two prizes will be awarded to:

  • The rower who earns the highest total in donations
  • The rower who earns the most total donations (minimum of $10 individual donation and must meet the minimum fundraising goal of $200)

Erg-a-thon Format:

  • Everyone will be divided into predetermined teams, you will know your team prior to the event.
  • Each team will be given 4 ergs.
  • All ergs start with 5000m, teams will race to get all 4 of their ergs down to zero.
  • Teams can decide how and when to place individual rowers on ergs and can switch positions any time but everyone must have a turn rowing.
  • Results are tracked by combining overall time of all 4 ergs and bonus time earned.

Bonus time:
Teams will have seconds removed from their final time by achieving fundraising and team goals prior to the event.

Points System:

  • 100% team participation (all athletes contribute some dollar amount) = 10″
  • 100% total team goal achieved = 20″
  • Total money earned above team goal = 1″ per $20.00
  • Each corporate sponsor found = 5″
  • Winner of each heat = 3″
  • All athletes on team show up in pre-selected team uniform = 10″
  • Team uniforms. 1st place = 3″, 2nd place = 2″, 3rd place= 1″
  • Parent or spectator erging at erg-a-thon party = 1″ for every 100m rowed in 1:00
  • Having an individual fundraiser winner on your team (highest total donations or most donations) = 5”

A trophy will be awarded to overall winning team based on total time, minus bonus time earned.



Milton High School