Mayor’s Cup

May 18, 2019

Location: 300 Rivers Edge Dr, Medford, MA 02155

Hospitality Tent – We will have a hospitality tent up throughout the day. Please sign up to bring food through the signup genie; you will be receiving an email from Claire Younger with details.

Parking – Please follow all posted signs and directions for regatta parking.

Forecast is sunny with temperatures in the mid 60’s. Please dress appropriately and bring sunblock.

Athletes need to arrive at the trailer 2.5 hrs. before their race. Coxswains need to arrive at 6:45 am.

Here is the preliminary schedule; we will send an update if it changes.

Coaches & Coxswain Meeting: 7:00 am

Boys V1 4+ 8:00 am
Boys V2 4+ 8:50 am
Boys V3 4+ 9:30 am
Girls V1 4+ 9:40 am
Girls V2 4+ 10:30 am
Girls V3 4+ 11:00 am
Boys N1 4+ 11:30 am
Girls N1 4+ 12:10 pm
Boys V1 8+ 1:30 pm
Girls V1 8+ 1: 50pm

Finals will be held for qualifying boats, starting at 2:20 pm.

Awards at 5:00 pm

The coaches are doing their best to determine lineups. As always there is a chance of some last-minute adjustments. The coaches will announce to the athletes which boat they will be racing in as soon as possible.

As a reminder, we do our best to get all race information to the athletes and parents in a timely manner; we send it to you as soon as we get it, which often times is just a few days before the event.


Girls 1st Varsity 8+ (1st Place)
Boys 1st Varsity 8+ (1st Place)
Boys 1st Varsity 4+ (1st Place)
Boys 2nd Varsity 4+ (1st Place)
Boys 3rd Varsity 4+(1st Place)
Boys 1st Novice 4+ (7th Place)
Girls1st Varsity 4+ (3rd Place)
Girls 2nd Varsity 4+ (3rd Place)
Girls 3rd Varsity 4+ (1st Place)
Girls 1st Novice 4+ (4th Place)