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Get involved and support our strong team culture!

We are a registered 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. Contributions made to a registered 501 (c) (3) are deductible for federal income tax purposes. As a public charity we receive a substantial part of our income from the general public. Charitable donations can be made at one of our fundraising events or by contacting a FOMC board member.

Boats Are Wicked Expensive – Fundraising Is A Key Element Of Our Success

The Milton High School Crew and the Neponset Rowing club use shared resources. The price of a new 8+ shell can range from about $20,000-$60,000.  All of the equipment in use has been purchased with the funds provided by the Friends of Milton Rowing through fundraising and generous donations. When the equipment (boats, oars, launch, gas, motors, trailer etc.) needs to be repaired or purchased the money comes from the Friends’ account. The continued success and longevity of the FOMC is reliant on our fundraising.

We Can’t Do This Without Volunteers Like You

So much of the success of the programs depends on parental/participant volunteer efforts.  Contact us at Here are some ways you can help:

  • Join one of the FOMC committees (food, fundraising, clothing, media etc)
  • Volunteer to be a part of the fundraising efforts – we are always looking for new ideas.
  • Transport food, tents, and sometimes the rowers.
  • Donate items to the boathouse (Coach will post a wish list)
  • Volunteer to be part of the ‘back office’-we need your technical and organizational skills
  • Shopping for food and paper goods for race day and/or preparing a side dish.
  • Handyman/Electrician/Mechanic… we will always need something repaired or built.
  • Have fun and cheer on our team!